Bearded Brother September Edition

This September we will acknowledge the life of Hans Steininger. Hans serves as a warning for bearded brothers with long beards. He was famously known for having the world’s longest beard in 1567. While this may seem like an accomplishment, the result was tragic. Hans may have had an impressive beard; however, he met his death when he accidentally tripped upon his beard and broke his neck.

Moral of the story: Don’t grow a beard over four feet long. If you do, you may wind up like Hans. Instead, make sure to keep your beard trimmed and styled. You can do this by using balms like those found on our products page! There you will find balms to enhance or tame your facial hair while nourishing your skin. Check out our links to Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter for fun tips, photos, and videos! Feel free to comment or share this post with upcoming ones in the future!

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-KP for New York Beard & Co.

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